Gallery Night Providence Tours start from the Regency Plaza at One Regency Plaza and travel to
20 of Providence’s galleries, museums and historic sites.
Guided tours begin at 5:30 and leave every 20 minutes. The final art bus of the evening leaves at 7:00pm.

Every Gallery Night features a Collector’s Tour. On this tour you’ll meet everyday art lovers who love to collect. Catch their enthusiasm about the art they discover and the artists they meet.

Gallery Night Guides are present on every bus tour. Knowledgeable, often artists themselves, they are here to answer your questions and make your Gallery Night experience a memorable one!


Please join us in welcoming these new galleries to our organization this year:
The Handicraft ClubInner Space Outsider Art Gallery @ Share Space, Sprout RI and our newest member – J Schatz!


AS220- Main Gallery located at 115 Empire St., Providence, RI


Dennis Delomba – Rhode Island painter

Ricky Gagnon  Self-taught artist, Director and Curator of
The New Hope Art Gallery

Mary Sokolowski – Artist and writer


The Chazan Gallery at Wheeler
David Winton Bell Gallery
The Handicraft Club


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20 galleries open their doors each month – there is so much to see!

Contemporary, traditional, artisan or museum! We’ve got it all. Take a peek at our members to get a taste for what we offer!

Collector’s Tours

Meet everyday art lovers who love to collect. Surrounding themselves with the art they love, collectors dive in head first, visiting galleries and artists’ studios.  Listen as they tell stories of their collecting adventures and personal discoveries.  Catch their enthusiasm about the art they discover and the artists they meet.

Ricky Gagnon will be leading the Collectors’ Tour in June.

Celebrity Guides

Gallery Night offers free, carefully curated guided tours every third Thursday from March to November.

Special guests guiding this month’s tours!

  • celeb_d_delomba

    Dennis Delomba, painter leads 5:30 Contemporary Tour

    Painting has become a place in which I analyze, relive and re-experience life events in both the most complex and primal languages.  For me, painting is the ultimate challenge, the most comprehensive voice, and the most connective encounter of all the fragments and layers of the scattered self.

    Looking over human history, I can see nothing better than to be a powerful painter. Technically I go back, endlessly striving to comprehend, to the early Flemish artists such as Van Eyck; to the Italian masters like Caravaggio, the Spanish tradition epitomized in Velasquez, and always Leonardo and Rembrandt for their monumental understanding of the human vision.

    – Dennis Delomba

    Galleries on Mr. Delomba’s tour include: Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery @ Share Space, AS220-Main GalleryPeter Miller Fine Art, and Anthony Tomaselli, Fine Artist.

  • celeb_r_gagnon

    Ricky Gagnon leads 5:50 Collector’s Tour

    Native Rhode Islander Ricky Gagnon is a self-taught artist who has been creating since his childhood, working in every medium available to him. He studied mechanical drawing and architecture at Toll Gate High School and the Community College of Rhode Island as well as taking ceramic, weaving and painting classes during this time.

    “In 1998 I began to focus on my painting when I purchased a beach house in Riverside, RI near the old Crescent Amusement Park. That started a ten-year rehab project to restore the house to a 1950’s to 1960’s retro look. I decorated the house with furniture and collectibles from the same era. I created amusement park-themed pieces of art for every room. My house looks like a fun house gift shop, crossed with Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” museum and a Christmas light display.”

    Since 2008, Ricky has been showing his work in many New England galleries, juried shows, and has won a variety of awards.

    Galleries on Ricky’s tour include Dryden Gallery at Providence Picture Frame, The Peaceable Kingdom, Three Wheel Studio, and Gallery Belleau.

  • celeb_sokolowski2

    Mary Sokolowski to lead 6:30 Contemporary Tour

    For most of my life, I worked with language. But then a revelation came. It was something like what Georgia O’Keeffe says:

    “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

    My artistic practice embraces chaotic Dionysian life-force even as it desires an underlying Apollonian sense of order.

    These twin energies found their way into my latest long-term project, a series of icons representing Mary of Nazareth using found board and latex house paint.

    I currently teach writing and popular culture at the New England Institute of Technology.

    You can contact me or see my work at www.bricolage401.com.

    – Mary Sokolowski

    Galleries included on this tour will be Gallery Night’s newest gallery: J Schatz, Sprout, Providence College-Reilly Gallery, and The Galleries of the Providence Art Club.

2016 Gallery Map

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Every third Thursday of the month, from March to November, galleries across Providence, Rhode Island open their doors.  This free event, which celebrates art ranging from contemporary multi-media installations to one-of-a-kind functional artworks, is called Gallery Night Providence.

 Starting with nine determined galleries in 1996, Gallery Night Providence has grown into a regional visual arts extravaganza. Art buses travel the neighborhoods of Providence letting people on and off at galleries, museums and historic sites. Over 10,000 people each year enjoy exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, live music and performances. The 20-year old organization works to introduce and develop relationships between local creative communities, new and old. Take a guided tour or visit the galleries on your own. Enjoy wine and cheese, listen to music and experience the wonderful art Providence has to offer.

How to!

How to do Gallery Night? Start from our info center at One Regency Plaza and travel to 23 of Providence’s galleries, museums and historic sites. Guided tours begin at 5:30 and leave every 20 minutes. The final artbus of the evening leaves at 6:50pm. Whether you take one of our free bus tours , drive, bike or walk – you’re bound to have a wonderful art-filled evening!


Theme-dedicated, guided bus tours leave at 5:30, 5:50, 6:00, 6:30, and 6:50 pm. Tours stop at approximately 4 galleries each and run about 2 hours. Limited free parking available at the Regency on Gallery Night. On-street parking is available.


Stop at our info center at One Regency Plaza and learn about the evening’s events and exhibitions. Choose what interests you most and drive directly to the galleries of your choice.


Park at any one of the many parking lots situated conveniently throughout the city and stroll from gallery to gallery, enjoying the Providence skyline and the historic city streets. Use the brochure maps to discover all the artistic amenities within walking distance.




  • celeb_kerrymurphy4


    KERRY MURPHY is an artist and art educator.  She works at Johnston Senior High School where she serves as Co-Chair of the Fine Arts Department.  After serving as Gallery Night’s Fundraising Committee Chair from 2013-14, Kerry joined us as President of the 2015-16 Gallery Night board.

  • uri_steven

    Vice President

    STEVEN PENNELL is the URI Providence Campus Coordinator of Urban Arts and Culture. He steps up as Vice President of the Gallery Night board for 2016.

  • treasurer


    DALILA ALVES is the Treasurer of the Gallery Night Providence Board 2016. Many thanks for her previous tenure as President of GNP.

  • deb_clemons


    DEBORAH CLEMONS is an educator at the RISD Museum. She develops opportunities for adult learning that emphasize artistic process and connects with the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions. She continues her role as secretary on Gallery Night’s board for 2016.


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